It's a sure thing that its the one of the most favorite things of yours in your home where you see a variety of foods stored in it so that you can eat it later on.

Now the Question — How To learn from this non-living thing?

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Well, the answer is pretty simple, and I will explain this in some points. Whenever we open our fridge, we find there are man slots available there for each type of thing .. like for grocery we have a big bucket (in most of the fridges).and at the side doors we have space for bottles whether water or any drink ;).So the purpose of…

I usually write all my tutorials in the Python language as I find it quite easy. But few of data enthusiasts know the importance of the R language. Thus I thought to do a project in R. What couldn't be better to start a simple project on the most common topic of text analytics which is Sentiment Analysis.

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As this is the voting season, I thought of analyzing the sentiments of the tweets sent by famous personalities. Thus I have kept this tutorial in a simple format. …

If you are into data science and looking for starter projects then the SMS Spam classification Project is one of those you should work upon! In this tutorial, we would go step by step from importing libraries to full model prediction and lately measuring the accuracy of the model.

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About SMS Spam Classification

A good text classifier is a classifier that efficiently categorizes large sets of text documents in a reasonable time frame and with acceptable accuracy, and that provides classification rules that are humanly readable for possible fine-tuning. If the training of the classifier is also quick, this could become in some application…

Whenever we hear the word Data Science, we think about large data and machine learning algorithms that helps data scientists to predict the values or to classify the outcome into two or more classes.

But, if you ask any Data scientist, or if you might have read some textbooks or maybe you have been into many projects , you might have realised that 70–80 percent of the time of data people is spent on Data cleaning.

What is Data cleaning?

Its the process of detecting and correcting corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database and refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect…

So, I have thought to start a series called Face off series, in which I would be comparing two similar things or two very different things and talk about those things every week.

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So this time I am going to talk about two professions which may look similar but they are kind of different in many ways!

Who are Program Managers?

Before I deep dive into who are Program Managers, I would like to have some talk about what “Programs” really are?

Program is a set of projects which are linked to one another, in a sequential manner to attain the combined benefits. You…

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as CSS and scripting languages such as JavaScript.

I have seen it on Linkedin as well as on other social networking sites such as Quora, Reddit where people don't consider it as a programming language. Often, people are trolled if they say that they know HTML “programming language”. In this story, I am going to shed my two cents on why it is like that and what's all ruckus about HTML over the internet.

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Why HTML is not your typical programming language?

SQL is the language which data people speak, although when anyone starts with this language, they normally start with normal select operations and using the “WHERE” clause. But I feel that the real power lies with the JOINS functionality of the SQL. In this post, I would go through all the joins and explain them briefly.

What are Joins?

Joins is a clause present in SQL which is used to combine rows from two or more tables, based on a related column between them.

Different types of Joins

(INNER) JOIN: Returns records that have matching values in both tables


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I love reading programming memes! Even though recently my work revolves around business and data analytics, I still love to give some time to programming and its concepts. I still remember learning HTML, Javascript, and CSS for web development. But as I joined various programming communities or programming memes pages, most of the jokes were on Java or JS! I was like.. wait … why?? SO! I did some digging and thus I am writing this story to cover the main points which might give us the answer!

Every data analyst, data science enthusiast would have at least worked on any of these querying language namely SQLLite , MySQL or PostgreSQL

Recently I talked about Database Management Systems in my previous story, in this story I would be going through one of the major confusion which newbies have regarding various flavours of SQL.

SQLite vs MySQL vs PstgreSQL — Newbie’s Guide

I won’t be going through basics on why SQL language is used and where its used and I would try to keep this story short and crisp and would be directly focussing on the comparison side.

Lets start with the most common one.. MySQL



Whether you are preparing for an upcoming interview or you are currently working as a developer in a company, this core concept of passing values should be known to every programmer out there. In case you don't know about this concept or you get confused every time an interviewer asks this question, I am here with a detailed guide/explanation.

Python: Pass by Object Reference

So, let me clear out one thing in the starting itself. Python’s argument passing model is neither “Pass by Value” nor “Pass by Reference” but it is “Pass by Object Reference”.

But before we dive into the above fact, let me…

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