Complete Guide of AARRR Framework for Product Managers

Dhaval Thakur
3 min readJun 30, 2022

So, if you are moving into the Product Management field or You just started your career in Product Management, You might have heard about this abbreviation from different people or in different online product management courses.

In fact, it's so popular that every online course won't miss out on discussing this metrics framework!

So without any delay let's deep dive into AARRR metrics framework.

AARRR Metrics (Pirate Metrics) (Image Credits:

What does AARRR stands for?

Acquisition (or awareness) — How are people discovering our product or company?

Activation — Are these people taking the actions we want them to?

Retention — Are our activated users continuing to engage with the product?

Referral — Do users like the product enough to tell others about it?

Revenue- Are our personas willing to pay for this product?

What is AARRR metrics framework all about?

The AARRR refers to a set of user behaviors that businesses can track within the customer lifecycle to improve product marketing and streamline product management.

Why is this framework for pirate metrics?
Its called so because, when said aloud, the acronym for the AARRR framework is reminiscent of a traditional pirate exclamation.

Now lets deep dive into each metric!

AARRR metrics in detail


When I say acquisition I mean how the customers or users come in contact with your software,product or a service. For startups or small companies this might be through channels such as banner ads, social media, SEO and other advertising.


This metric can be measured by number of users who take a particular action such as requesting more information, subscribing to a YouTube channel or buying a product.


We know that each and every business wants to retain their customers and want to sell related to products or want them to keep the customers or users…

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