Tableau vs Google Data Studio : Titan vs the New Comer!

Dhaval Thakur
3 min readJan 29, 2022

Few days back, I talked about Google Data Studio, Google’s answer for reporting tool for their Google Cloud users. We talked about its simplicity and the way it integrates with its clouds seamlessly.

Today in this story I am going to compare the Titan of this visualization reporting industry — Tableau and the Google Data Studio.

So lets jump into it!

Tableau vs Google Data Studio (Credits: eduCBA)

Google Data Studio

One of the best feature I like about Google Data Studio is that multiple people can work on the same data visualization. Data Studio allows more than one team member to work simultaneously to create and edit data visualization, which promotes collaboration.

Since its a Google product , it integrates so well with other services of google such as Google Sheets, Big Query etc. But but… Data Studio has limited connections to external apps

Learning Curve for Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio only has a small video series on how to get started and a documentation page that gives a brief overview of the product. There are also multiple third-party companies that offer online and/or in-person training sessions, majority of those cost money.

Data Cleaning can be a pain in the a**

Custom Dimensions can get extremely long and difficult for people without a background in Google Sheets. When working with a complex data set, most of the data cleaning will have to be done outside of Google Data Studio.

Real-time dashboard updates

It provides automated real-time dashboard updates. But with large datasets, real-time updates get slower unless you use a third-party browser extension.


Google Data Studio has straightforward data accessibility. You can invite people to edit and view your reports. You can send reports in a PDF format to relevant parties through the “Schedule email delivery” feature.

When to go for Google Data Studio?

  • When your data doesn’t require a lot of cleaning..
  • High-level reports that focus on the main KPIs without diving deep into ad performance
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